Orientation isn’t just for students—parents and guardians play a crucial role in the success of college students. We invite you to attend Parent and Family IntroDUCKtion, a program designed to help you become familiar with resources for families, and guide you through your student’s orientation and transition process. Additionally, there will be interest sessions specific to parents and families throughout the summer.

We are finalizing a robust schedule of remote programming during July, August, and early September. Additionally, we are in the process of planning in-person programming that will occur in conjunction with move-in during late September. Throughout the summer, we will be sending you important information about the UO. To be sure we have the correct email on file for you, please email orientation@uoregon.edu with your student’s full name, their student ID number, and your full name and email address. Lastly, if there is any way we can support your student or your family, please reach out to us.

IntroDUCKtion 2020 Parent and Family FAQ

For new students and families, we kicked things off on June 24 with our IntroDUCKtion Welcome Session. If you or your student missed the opening session, don't worry — you can view the recording on YouTube.

What is IntroDUCKtion?

It’s our summer orientation and transition program for new students and their families. For the entering class of fall 2020, we will be offering IntroDUCKtion remotely over the course of the summer, with the final pieces to occur in-person after students move into the residence halls.

Students who are still thinking about the University of Oregon are highly encouraged to join us for IntroDUCKtion — parents and families, too! 

How do parents get to come to IntroDUCKtion?

Your student needs to complete the two-part IntroDUCKtion registration. During the second step they can tell us you’re coming! They’ll give us your name, email address, and mobile number so that our office can be in touch with you this summer. 

What if you’re pretty sure your student is registered but you’re not sure you’ve been added?

Just ask us! Email orientation@uoregon.edu or text 541-346-1159 (always include your student’s name and UO ID number).

How come there’s no IntroDUCKtion dates to choose?

We’re doing things a little different this summer.

Our primary goal this summer is to create a community for your students by helping them meet each other and hear from current students. We’re going to do this with a 1-hour meeting every week, for eight weeks, starting July 6. These will be small groups of new students — about 20 — led by an orientation leader. These groups are called "Flocks" and your student will be in the same Flock all summer, and when they come to campus in the fall. Flock meetings are restricted to students only — NO parents allowed!

We also want and need to provide students and their families with vital information about the university, from what kind of academic programs we have to the tons of resources and programs we have to help students succeed. Each week on Thursdays, we will live-broadcast five faculty perspectives, mini-lectures from faculty all over campus, from music to physics, and business to psychology. There will be 40! Your students can attend as many as they want (so can you!) but we’re asking they pick 10. On Fridays, we’ll offer three to five interest sessions on topics you need to know about like University Housing, University Health Services, the University Counseling Center, getting involved, study abroad, financial aid, and so much more! We have more than 30 of these and we’re asking your students to choose eight.

All content on Thursdays and Fridays will also be available to parents and family members. While your students will be joining us via Zoom, you can join us live via the University of Oregon’s Parent and Family Facebook page. We also have a few interest sessions dedicated strictly for parents and family, because who amongst us doesn’t want to meet the dean of students!

Later during the summer we’re going to do some other creative things to help your students make new friends and meet other new Ducks — so stay tuned.

How will you know what we’re presenting each week?

We’re going to use every means of communication we can think of — except for calling each of you every week. 

  1. You and your student will get an email from us every week; it’s called a Quick Quack
  2. Your student’s orientation leader is going to text them regularly if they opted into texting during IntroDUCKtion registration. That’s a two-way street as well; once your student gets a welcome text from their orientation leader, they can text them any time!
  3. Your student will also learn about what to expect each week during their Flock meeting.
  4. You’re welcome to text the director of orientation, Cora, anytime if you have questions. Her text line is 541-346-1142. 
  5. Subscribe to Flock Talk! We’ll release one to two episodes a week throughout the summer. We will have mini-episodes with a run-down of the upcoming week’s programs, and a full episode at the end of the week beginning in early July, where we have an in-depth conversation around one of the week’s interest sessions. You can subscribe in your favorite podcast platform or listen on the web at flocktalk.uoregon.edu.
  6. We will do our best to keep our website up to date each week. 

How will they know which Flock they’re in?

We’re going to email them about that right after we get all the Flocks assignments done. 

They need to claim their DuckID (that’s their @uoregon email account), and begin checking the email address regularly. Students must use that email address to access all of the Zoom programs and meetings this summer.

What about course registration?

Advising and registration are part of the IntroDUCKtion schedule. Students will need to attend a few of their Flock meetings first, and ensure they’ve completed the online advising module in Canvas (they’ll get that info in their Flock meetings) before they’ll be invited to make an advising appointment with their major or exploring advisor; those start in August. They’ll get to complete their fall term registration once their advising appointment is complete!

What about fall and move-in, the parts of IntroDUCKtion that are in person, and Week of Welcome?

We know you’re desperate to book flights and plan for September but we’re cautioning you not to get too far ahead. University Housing is working through a very complex set of plans to move in 4,000-plus new students this fall and do their best to ensure safety for all. They also must get their proposals approval by state health authorities and as fast as they are working, they must do this the right way — the safe way — and that looks like in could take a bit more time. We know it’s hard to wait; we’re doing our very best under these circumstances.

You have more questions?

Send us an email at orientation@uoregon.edu or text us your general questions at 541-346-1159. These get answered during normal business hours.

Parents and family are also encouraged to text Cora at 541-346-1142 or email her at corab@uoregon.edu.