Basic First-Year IntroDUCKtion Information

How can I register?

Students who have committed to the UO can register in their admissions portal starting on Monday, May 3 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time.

What's next?

Please monitor your inbox for more information from our office. It’s important that you read all emails with attention and respond quickly to all calls to action.

What if I need to know more?

Email us at, or call or text us at 541-346-1159.

COVID-19 Information

How are you ensuring my safety?

We are taking several measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. We are working closely with UO’s Incident Management Team (IMT), Lane County Public Health, and the Oregon Health Authority. We will adhere to the State of Oregon’s Guidance on Risk Categories and will make adjustments to room locations and group sizes as needed. A few examples of steps we’re taking include reducing the time spent indoors, reducing the number of university employees required on campus, keeping group sizes small, and providing hand-washing stations, enhanced cleaning, and opportunities for adequate distancing.

Do I have to be vaccinated or tested before attending IntroDUCKtion?

Students who opt to stay in the residence halls will be required to submit one of the following prior to receiving keys to a room:

  • Attestation of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the start of their scheduled IntroDUCKtion; OR
  • A negative PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Eugene.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

As of July 30, the UO is requiring individuals to wear face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings can be temporarily removed while drinking, and are not required when inside your residence hall room either alone or with your roommate with the door closed.

Making Travel Arrangements

Can I buy plane tickets now?

Don't make airline reservations until after you register for your in-person session, pay the orientation fee, and have received a confirmation email. We cannot put you into a full session to accommodate previously made travel plans.

When should I plan to travel?

Our current in-person schedule is a very full day, that begins early in the morning and ends late in the evening. All parts of the in-person program are mandatory. Arriving late and leaving early will require rescheduling your program. Students should select a program they can attend in its entirety and make travel plans accordingly.

Can I stay in the residence halls?

Yes! The first-year orientation fee includes up to two nights in Housing—the night before the session and the night of the session. Please add 1-2 nights, as needed, during registration. Staying in the residence halls is optional. Please see our note about requirements to stay in University Housing during IntroDUCKtion.

What should I bring?

We’ll spend much of our time outdoors. We definitely recommend you wear the most comfortable shoes and warm weather clothing you have; there will be a lot of moving around campus and we will explore Eugene. Summers are typically warm, though not too hot. We do very rarely get some rain in the summer so it’s best to prepare for that, too. We also recommend you bring your own water bottle, in addition to regular items you require when travelling.

First-Year Requirements

Do I have to attend an in-person session?

Yes, all domestic, first-year Ducks must participate in an in-person session. We will offer sessions in July, August, and September to accommodate all new first-year students. September dates are still being determined but we will make those available as soon as possible and space will be limited in those programs. It’s worth noting that while we understand the desire to wait until September, we don’t recommend doing so; move-in and Week of Welcome are very busy already, and adding in an in-person IntroDUCKtion program to your schedule can be overwhelming.

What else is required?

Students will complete several parts of the traditional IntroDUCKtion experience online and remotely. Academic Advising preparation, placements, Interest Sessions, Faculty Perspectives, and other required programs for first-year students will be completed through the class for fall 2021 first-year students. Academic Advising and registration will take place remotely.

Academic Advising and Fall Course Registration

How do I get my fall classes?

You will be eligible for academic advising if you completed the following by June 30:

You will receive an email from your major department to sign up for an advising appointment. You will need to download the Navigate app to schedule your appointment.

If you complete the above requirements after June 30, you will be eligible the Monday immediately following your completion.

Once you’ve completed your advising appointment, you’ll be able to complete your fall classes.

Should I come to an early in-person IntroDUCKtion session to get classes?

Nope! Pick the IntroDUCKtion schedule that works best for your summer schedule. Your advising appointment and registration is not tied to the date you attend an in-person session.

If you’re interested in the earliest available advising appointments, complete the first set of requirements listed in the previous question by June 30.

I’m in the Clark Honors College, do I get priority registration this summer?

The short answer is ‘no.’ The slightly longer answer is that priority registration for CHC students begins with your winter term registration.

I’m doing the London Study Abroad program this summer. What does that mean for me?

You will need to be eligible for advising by June 30, complete your advising appointment and fall registration, and attend your in-person session before you leave the US. Don’t delay completing the steps we’ve outlined here.

Parents and Family

Can my family members attend with me?

Please see our Parent and Family IntroDUCKtion page on the rich schedule we’re building for them.

No Smoking at the UOFor a healthier community and cleaner environment, the University of Oregon is Smoke- and Tobacco-Free, including e-cigarettes.