Frequently Asked Questions about First-Year IntroDUCKtion

About IntroDUCKtion

What is IntroDUCKtion?

IntroDUCKtion is the UO’s orientation program for all domestic incoming freshmen and transfer students. IntroDUCKtion 2022 includes three parts:

    1. An IntroDUCKtion session. First-year students are required to attend an in-person session. Transfer students are required to attend a live, Zoom webinar session. Register for your session date in your Admitted Student Portal. You will become acquainted with the UO campus, learn about what it means to be a Duck, and have opportunities to discuss university life with current students and faculty members. First-year, on-campus sessions include a stay on campus in the residence halls as part of the program.
    2. Online new student coursework at You will need your DuckID and password to log on and begin your requirements.
    3. Academic advising and course registration. Before you complete your fall term course registration, you must meet with an academic advisor. In 2022, advising appointments will conducted via Zoom or Teams and students will be cleared to register after their completed appointment. Your advisor will reach out to you via your email address when it is time to schedule your appointment.

All three elements listed above are required but can occur in any order.

Do I have to attend IntroDUCKtion?

All first-year students are expected to attend an in-person IntroDUCKtion session and complete orientation Community course requirements to maintain their registration eligibility.

Incoming international students will complete online requirements and meet with their advisor over the summer, and will attend International Student Orientation (ISO), which takes place in September before Week of Welcome. 

Transfer students will have a required virtual IntroDUCKtion session to attend live and are required to complete orientation Community course requirements to maintain their registration eligibility.

What’s the schedule for my IntroDUCKtion session?

We don’t release the session schedule prior to check-in but during IntroDUCKtion you will:

  • Learn more about academic resources, requirements, faculty expectations, and earning your degree
  • Understand community values and expectations
  • Learn about resources that support your success outside of the classroom
  • Connect with student clubs and organizations
  • Meet other new students and be mentored by current Ducks
  • Learn to navigate the campus
  • Be part of UO traditions

Do I really have to attend everything on the session schedule?

All parts of the program are mandatory, yes. This is your opportunity to get prepared for the transition the UO and we have critical information to share. Students who miss elements of their IntroDUCKtion session and/or don’t complete the online requirements will not be eligible to register for classes in subsequent terms until they complete the program.

Where do I stay during IntroDUCKtion?

As a student attending an on-campus IntroDUCKtion session, you will be required to stay on campus in a residence hall the night of Day 1, and you can opt to stay the night of Day 2 of the orientation program.

Residence hall accommodation will be available to parents and families on an extremely limited basis for June sessions only. We will have a separate parent and family hall; students will stay with other students. Residence hall stays are not available to parents and families in July and August.

We have several hotel partners near campus. If you are a student attending an off-site session, we will provide local accommodation recommendations soon!

What happens if I cannot attend any IntroDUCKtion session? 

All incoming students are required to attend an orientation session. All our sessions are on campus in Eugene (except for off-site IntroDUCKtion programs in Hawai’i; Chicago; and Washington, DC). 

If you are not able to attend a session in June, July, or August, plan to attend our latecomer session in September. We have limited spaces available in our September session so please contact our office about how to register for that program.

Do I have to attend orientation to register for classes? Even if I am a transfer student?

You must be registered for an IntroDUCKtion session and have your DuckID before you are eligible for academic advising, which is required before you can register for classes.

You will be able to register for your first term once you have met with your academic advisor for the first time. You will not be able to register for subsequent terms (e.g. winter term) if you do not complete all three elements of IntroDUCKtion by the dates established by each requirement.

Do I have to attend IntroDUCKtion if I am taking summer classes?

Yes. If you are newly admitted for summer term, please attend our Mid-Year IntroDUCKtion session. More information about this session can be found here.

Do I have to attend IntroDUCKtion if I am currently a CEP student?

If you are currently a Community Education Program (CEP) student and you have been recently fully admitted, you must attend an IntroDUCKtion session. If you are a part-time, non-admitted CEP student, you do not need to attend an IntroDUCKtion.

Do international students need to attend IntroDUCKtion?

International students who have a US visa during the summer months, may opt to attend IntroDUCKtion, though all International students are expected to attend International Student Orientation (ISO) and our last IntroDUCKtion session in September. For more information, visit the ISO website.


IntroDUCKtion Registration

Do I have to sign up for IntroDUCKtion?

Yes. Registration for IntroDUCKtion is mandatory and will be available online beginning at 8:00 a.m. PDT on May 2, 2022 to students who have paid their Advance Tuition Deposit and submitted their “Intent to Register” form to the Office of Admissions. Please note, there are a limited number of spaces in each IntroDUCKtion session.

How do I sign up for IntroDUCKtion?

Once you’ve paid your Advance Tuition Deposit, you can log in to your Admitted Student Portal. You’ll need the same login information you used to check on your admission status. Simply follow the prompts to register for orientation.

When can I register for an IntroDUCKtion session?

Registration for IntroDUCKtion will open May 2, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. PDT.

How much does it cost?

All initial registration payments must be made online during registration. Visit our fee schedule page for complete information on costs.

How do I guarantee that I get the session I want?

While there is no guarantee for any session, we recommend that you register early. Registration opens online beginning at 8:00 a.m. PDT on May 2. Several of the early sessions fill quickly and once full, we cannot add students.

Please do not make travel arrangements until after you register and receive your confirmation email. Exceptions will not be made for previously made travel plans.

Which IntroDUCKtion session should I attend if I'm admitted to the Clark Honors College? 

Students admitted to the Clark Honors College should plan to attend any of the first-year sessions that suit their summer schedule.

If I need to change my session, how do I do it?

Contact our office. You can call or text us at 541-346-1159 to speak with someone about switching. Make sure you have your UO ID number handy. As long as there is room in the session, we will switch your reservation. We will not switch you into a session that is full. We recommend you talk with your family before selecting your session the first time; there is a $15 change fee to make changes to your initial reservation.

Can I get into a session that is closed?

No. We will not add students to a full session, and we do not have a waitlist for any session. Capacity is determined by how many students we can reasonably serve each session. Our aim is to make sure each student has the best experience and gets as much individualized attention possible.

I never received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Log on to your admissions status portal. If you completed the registration you will see dates confirmed. Incomplete registrations will also be shown with a red ‘X;’ you will want to complete all required steps in order to have a fully confirmed session.

If you don’t see confirmed dates, please call or text us at 541-346-1159.

Parent and Family IntroDUCKtion

Can my parents attend IntroDUCKtion with me?

We highly encourage parent and family attendance at IntroDUCKtion. One parent or family member is included in the orientation fee. If you wish to add additional members, you may do so online at the time of registration for a fee of $125 for each guest.

Parents will be attending a separate-but-concurrent program. Parents will not be able to attend the student program. The orientation fee does not cover parent lodging during IntroDUCKtion.

Do my parents have to go to IntroDUCKtion?

No, but we highly recommend they attend the Parent Program. Parents are not permitted to attend the student program.

I already registered for IntroDUCKtion. How can I register my parents?

If you forgot something in your initial reservation, you will not be able to go back and change it. Please call our office to initiate changes to your reservation and submit payment for the additional guest. You can also register additional guests on-site during check-in.

Can I stay with my student the entire session?

No. Most of the program is separate as all parents and family members will be attending separate-but-concurrent student and parent sessions.

Are parents and family members able to stay in the residence halls?

Parents and family members will be permitted to stay in a family-only residence hall during our June sessions only at an additional cost. On-campus housing is not available for July, August, or September sessions.

If you are a parent or family member attending the June session and would like to stay in University Housing during IntroDUCKtion, please call our office to make arrangements.

We encourage you to check out our hotel partners.

Is there a discount parent program rate that doesn't include meals?

No, we currently do not offer rates for portions of the program.

Our younger child will be with us. Is there a charge?

We strongly discourage bringing children and non-admitted teenagers to in-person IntroDUCKtion sessions. Space is limited for the parent program and seats are reserved for family members who have paid for the program. If there are no other options for your family, please give us a call at 541-346-1159 and we can help.


Making Travel Plans

I bought plane tickets before I registered for IntroDUCKtion and the session I want is full. Can you make an exception for me?

Unfortunately, no. Please, do not make flight arrangements until after you have registered for an IntroDUCKtion session. We will not switch or add anyone into a full session, even if you have already bought plane tickets. There is a limited number of spaces in each session. You will need to register for an open session and change your flight arrangements.

Can I attend only Day One? Only Day Two?

No. You must attend both days of the program. If you cannot attend both days of a session, register for a different session that you can attend in its entirety.

What if I need to show up late for my session?

It is essential that you register for a session that you can attend in its entirety. Arriving late will cause you to miss mandatory parts of the program that cannot be made up during the session. If you arrive late you will be rescheduled for an orientation session that you can attend in its entirety.

What if I need to leave my session early?

Plan to be there for the full session.

Session check-in on the first day is at 1:00 p.m. and the program will start at 2:00 p.m. The mandatory elements of the student program will end at 8:00 p.m. the following day.

Is there a shuttle from the Eugene Airport to campus? From PDX?

At this time, the Eugene Airport is not serviced by a local shuttle company but is easily accessible via rideshare services and several local taxi companies. Additionally, several local hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport. Please review the ground transportation website for the Eugene Airport to learn more.

I’m flying to Eugene. What time should I plan to leave? What if I already bought a plane ticket?

It’s important that you not make travel plans to depart campus before 8:00 p.m. on the last day.

I am coming from out of state; can I stay in the halls a day early or a day later?

We offer University Housing for all on-campus programs. You can register for two nights: the nights of Day 1 and Day 2. We may be able to assist with additional housing on a limited basis. If you have further questions, please call us at 541-346-1159.



Can I get a refund if I cancel? If I cancel part of my reservation, do I get a refund?

A request for refund for session cancellation will be handled as follows:

  • Cancellation by 5:00 p.m. PDT 30 calendar days prior to registered session: 100%
  • Cancellation by 5:00 p.m. PDT 7 calendar days before registered session: 50%
  • Cancellation less than 7 calendar days prior to registered session: no refund

Refunds for credit card payments are processed within one week of approval of the refund and are made to the credit card used to pay for the fees. Refunds for e-check payments are processed in September after all orientation sessions have concluded. Processing takes approximately four to six weeks and will appear as a credit on the student’s first billing statement.



What about parking?

The university utilizes an electronic permit system and we will send details to your email address prior to your session. Please pay close attention to your email a few days before your on-campus session.

What should I bring?

Please refer to What to Bring on our Before You Arrive page.

How do I receive my Student ID Card?

Log on to the Card Office’s website here. You will need to use your DuckID login credentials in order to log in and upload a photo of yourself and a photo of your government issued ID – JPEGs only! Please read the instructions carefully. We recommend you do this more than 72 hours (about 3 days) prior to your in-person session (on-campus sessions only) and we will help you pick it up during your session. Please bring your government issued ID with you to the in-person session.

Do I have to take the placement assessment?

All first-year students are expected to take the Math Placement Assessment. The placement is offered online and must be completed prior to the student's academic advising appointment.

If you intend to continue studying a language that you studied in high school, you must take a Second Language Placement Assessment (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese). Spanish, French, and German placement assessments are offered online and should be completed prior to academic advising.

More information about this can be found on our Placement Assessment webpage.