IntroDUCKtion is our summer orientation experience for all incoming students to the University of Oregon. During IntroDUCKtion students will learn what it means to be a Duck and will be able to meet other admitted students to the University of Oregon.


Our virtual IntroDUCKtion program isn’t crammed into a single day—we took everything you need to learn as a Duck, and split it into separate chunks that you can experience throughout the summer. No need to sit in front of your computer for hours: we want to help you balance your school commitments alongside the rest of your life.

The following schedule may be adjusted due to rapidly changing circumstances. All programs are required unless noted otherwise.

In June

  • Opening Session

    To start off the summer, we will be hosting an opening session during the week of June 22. You can expect to hear from university leadership, staff members, and our SOSers (the Student Orientation Staff).

In July and August

  • Flock Meetings

    These are weekly one hour Zoom meetings with your SOSer and other students in your class. They’ll include activities and discussions related to topics that will prepare you to be a Duck. Flock meetings will take place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday based on the availability you submit during IntroDUCKtion registration.

  • Faculty Perspectives

    Every Thursday, UO faculty from a variety of disciplines will teach a mock class. You will learn more about their research and get a taste of the college academic experience. The final schedule and descriptions of these sessions is still in the works, but it will be posted here soon. (You’ll only be required to attend a certain number of these sessions—you don’t need to attend every single one.)

  • Interest Sessions

    Every Friday, we will offer virtual interest sessions led by departments from across campus. The final schedule and descriptions of these sessions isn’t quite ready, but we’ll make sure to update this page. (You’ll only be required to attend a certain number of these sessions—you don’t need to attend every single one.)

  • Academic Advising Prep Module

    Learn more about how advising works at the UO, explore your degree requirements, and get familiar with different tools and resources you will need prior to your advising session in August.

  • Optional Community Development

    We plan to offer a plethora of optional programming throughout the summer that allows you to connect with the UO community. Since we can’t meet you in person as soon as we’d like, these sessions will allow you to build relationships with more current students, faculty and staff.

In August

  • Advising Session

    You’ll have a virtual meeting with one of our academic advisors. During this meeting, you will discuss your class options for fall term.

After September 1

  • Course Registration

    Students who have registered for IntroDUCKtion, completed the advising module, and attended the advising session will be able to enroll in fall term courses.

In September

  • In-Person IntroDUCKtion

    Once you arrive on campus and move into your residence hall, you’ll experience everything we weren’t able to cover remotely. We are working hard to ensure the health and safety of all participants. As soon as the dates and schedule are confirmed, they will be posted here.


For more information about the cost of IntroDUCKtion, please visit our Costs page.