IntroDUCKtion is required for all incoming students, and we want it to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. We will work with students to make any needed accommodations to ensure a smooth orientation and transition to college. If you've already notified us of accommodation requests when you registered for your IntroDUCKtion session, you do not need to send further information! 

Below is a short list of accommodations we can provide for students, parents, and families at IntroDUCKtion. For further requests and questions, you can email us at or call/text our office at 541-346-1159. 

Accessibility Routes 

Follow this link for a map of the accessible paths on campus. If you will be needing assistance getting around campus during your IntroDUCKtion session, please email us if you did not include this information in your registration! 

Animals at IntroDUCKtion

Animals are not permitted in UO buildings. Trained service dogs, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are always allowed by law. Pets, support animals, therapy animals, etc., are not service animals and so are not permitted. IntroDUCKtion is a very busy time on campus, often with crowded spaces and warm weather that will not serve your animal friend well. Please find an alternative for your animal that will be more pleasant for it and the crowds around it.

Accessible Education Center

You can make any needed accommodations for IntroDUCKtion through our office. If you do not see the accommodation that you need listed above, you can contact the Accessible Education Center