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Cora Bennett


Cora Bennett is the director of Student Orientation Programs and manages the student ambassador program and orientation events. Since joining the division she has grown the office to meet the ever-growing interest in the UO from prospective students and visitors. The programs she manages employ 80 students as ambassadors who present the UO experience to new Ducks as well as to more than 30,000 visitors each year.

“I love the UO because it’s unlike any other place I’ve ever lived. People are warm and friendly, the campus environment is everything a university should be, and the pride and spirit the community has for the university is unmatched.”



Micah Howe

Assistant Director for Visit Programs

Micah Howe serves as the assistant director for visit programs at the University of Oregon. In this role, she works to create a vibrant welcoming environment for prospective students, parents, and visitors. She coordinates daily campus tours and events such as Duck Days and Duck Preview. Micah completed her bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga University, where she studied human resource management, sociology, and women’s studies. In addition, she received a master’s degree in college student affairs from Penn State University.

“There are so many reasons to love being a Duck! I appreciate the UO’s progressive campus culture, contagious school spirit, and reputation for academic excellence.”


Katie Hamilton

Orientation Programs Coordinator

Katie serves as the orientation programs coordinator at the University of Oregon. In this role she supervises members of the IntroDUCKtion team, including Student Coordinators and the Student Orientation Staff, as they welcome new Ducks to the UO family. Additionally, Katie coordinates campus partners and programmatic efforts for all first-year and transfer IntroDUCKtion sessions. Katie holds a masters degree in college student personnel from Bowling Green State University (2019) and a bachelors degree in psychology and theatre arts from Boise State University (2017).

“School pride and tradition are never in short supply at UO. I love the sense of community and comradery on campus built upon a shared sense of passion for the university."



McKenzie Winders

Operation Manager

McKenzie serves as the operation manager for Orientation Programs, in which they provide administrative support services to our staff, UO campus partners, and our incoming Ducks and their families. They have been at the UO since 2012, first as a student, then as a professional staff member. In that time, they’ve served on campus committees, regional conferences for student leaders, the Olympic Trials, the IAAF World Championship and most importantly, they have never missed a summer of being part of IntroDUCKtion.

“I love that UO is such an integral part of Eugene and the community it lives in; as a student I appreciated the open environment and unique character of the school and student body and now as a staff member, being able to create and foster the students’ spirit and pride.”


Leslie Forbes

Administrative Coordinator

Leslie Forbes serves as the administrative coordinator for Orientation Programs. In addition to serving the general office needs, Leslie oversees personnel information including stipends, time sheets, payroll and travel for Orientation Programs professional and the student staff.


Susi Thelen

Outreach Events Coordinator

Susi conceives, develops, implements, evaluates, and refines strategies to achieve maximum impact with target constituencies as established by Student Services and Enrollment Management (SSEM) units. This includes community outreach events, logistics, and sponsorship opportunities for the division, and ensures these efforts achieve the goals and objectives of the SSEM strategic plan.

“As the only Duck alum in a family of Beavers, I have always taken the road less traveled. Fun or boring? Challenging or easy? Familiar or fascinating? Guess which ones I choose? Yep, I am the person who loves to explore new ideas and am energized by this ever-changing world we live in and how it effects all our workplace, and the greater UO. I am blessed to be a Duck, and I am blessed to work for and with them.”



Michael Luna

Interim Coordinator for Welcome and Transition Experience

Michael Luna serves as the interim coordinator for welcome and transition experience at the University of Oregon. In his role, he serves as part of the leadership that designs and executes the experiences a part of the university’s on-campus programs such as Duck Preview, Duck Days and IntroDUCKtion, as well as the university’s off-site transition programs in various cities across the country. He works closely with campus partners as well as third-party companies to collaborate on concepts for events and programs, and determine the elements that best fit the theme and story of those events and programs.

Michael completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon, where he studied public relations.

“One of the first things I’ve learned being a part of this campus is that the Oregon “O” stands for opportunity. Any student, staff or faculty member can truly immerse themselves in a wide array of possibilities that not only allow themselves to grow, but also connect them with an inclusive and passionate community of like-minded people.”



Student Staff


Carly Belin | San Diego, California

Journalism and Advertising

Class of 2019


Clare McCann | San Jose, California


Class of 2020


Diego Vasquez | Oaxaca, Mexico

Arts and Technologies

Class of 2019



Geoffrey Henderson | Portland, Oregon

Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Class of 2020


Griffin Shaulis | Beaverton, Oregon

Communication Disorder and Sciences

Class of 2020


Sofi Hart | Williams Oregon


Class of 2020





Tre'Von Robinson | Long Beach, California

Latin American Studies and Spanish

Class of 2019


Dillon Murphy | Chicago, Illinois


Class of 2019

Ambassador Program

Ethan Breitenbach | Bend, Oregon

Business & Economics

Class of 2020

Transition Programs


Katie Mack | Oregon City, Oregon


Class of 2020

Transition Programs



Student Ambassadors



Student Orientation Staff

Welcome Team




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