Before you begin your language placement test we want to provide you with some important information.

Each language placement test has a fee of $10.00 that will be placed on the student account in the fall.

The language placement tests are untimed. You can expect to spend up to 30 minutes taking your test. However, there is no rush so you should take your time and do your best. You should plan on when you will take your test and be sure to find a quite location where you will not be distracted.

The language placement tests use a method called “computer adaptive testing” to assess your skills. Based on your answers, the computer program adjusts the difficulty of questions throughout the test. For example, if you answer a question correctly you will receive a more challenging question, while an incorrect answer generates an easier question. By adapting to the student as the test is taking place, these language placement tests present an individually tailored set of questions to each student and can quickly assess a student’s skill level.

Once you start your test you will be asked to provide some personal information. One of the items you will be asked to provide is an ID number. Please use your University of Oregon ID number. You will also be asked about previous experience with the language. These are important questions and should be answered accurately.

You will be asked to indicate your prior language study. We are especially interested in the number of years you have studied the language in high school. Please be sure to answer that question by indicating whether you have studied the language for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years by the end of this school year.


  • The language placement tests are untimed
  • Set aside dedicated time in a quiet location for your test
  • Be prepared to provide important personal information

Taking the Tests

You must take your placement tests online prior to attending IntroDUCKtion. To do so you will need to:

  1. Claim your Duck ID. Your Duck ID is your computing username – it gives you access to UO Wireless, Canvas, and UO email. In order to claim your Duck ID be sure you have your UO ID number and your personal access code (PAC) handy. You must claim your Duck ID 24 hours before you can access the online tests. Claim your Duck ID here.
  2. Make sure you write down your Duck ID and remember your password!

If you are ready you can now take the French, German or Spanish language placement test.