Week of Welcome

During Week of Welcome we gear up for the new school year and welcome all our new students. To introduce students to our campus community, we host a number of activities and programs before classes begin so students can become familiar with the university's array of resources, meet new people, and make new friends. Click on the links in the sidebar to get started!

If you're an international student, in addition to Week of Welcome activities, you'll be attending International Student Orientation (ISO). Please visit the ISO webpage for more information.

If you did not attend IntroDUCKtion during the summer, you are required to attend the orientation session on Wednesday, September 24. Please see the Academic Orientation page for details.

UO Event Guide

Just like at IntroDUCKtion, we'll be using the UO Event Guide app to host the Week of Welcome. Open the UO Event Guide, make sure you're on the "Guides" menu, and tap "Download Guides". You'll now see the brand-new Week of Welcome 2014 guide, ready to download. Just tap and go! Have an iPhone or an Android device, but don't have the app yet? Just open the app store and search for "UO Event Guide". It's free to download!

Don't have a smartphone? No problem. All the information on the app is here on the website. Plus, we'll be sending you a handy pamhplet with all of the Week of Welcome event information really soon.


Week of Welcome 2014 is brought to you in part by the following generous sponsors. Click on each logo to learn more.


No Smoking at the UOFor a healthier community and cleaner environment, the University of Oregon is Smoke- and Tobacco-Free, including e-cigarettes.