Welcome Home.

During Week of Welcome (WOW) we gear up for the new school year and welcome all our new students. To introduce students to our campus community, we host a number of activities and programs before classes begin so students can become familiar with the university’s array of resources, meet new people, and make new friends.

Find Your Flock

Reconnect with your Flock from IntroDUCKtion or meet some new friends. Find out about your Get Explicit session. Navigate Week of Welcome alongside a friend. To find your Flock, enter a bit of information, and we'll tell you where to go to find each other. Easy as that.

Find Your Flock

From the classic "Throw-your-O" to a 4,000-person light painting, take a look at all the class photos that have arrived.

What, When, and Where

Some business and some fun. Week of Welcome is a packed schedule for you to take care of business and assuage your FOMO (fear of missing out). Learn what's happening during and after Week of Welcome.

How excited are we about you starting at UO? So excited that we made this Spotify playlist just for you. Follow CallMeADuck for even more music, curated by UO students for UO students.

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All the information on this website – and more – is available in the brand-new Be a Duck app. Download it to access a full event schedule, an interactive campus map, important campus contacts, self-guided tour, and more. Explore before you arrive!

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No Smoking at the UOFor a healthier community and cleaner environment, the University of Oregon is Smoke- and Tobacco-Free, including e-cigarettes.