UGST 198 — IntroDUCKtion Colloquium | One Credit (tuition free) — Pass/No Pass

Students have the opportunity to earn one free credit for fall term if they engage in at least 20 talks and submit written reflections to deepen the learning experience.

Objectives and Goals

Learn from at least 20 faculty members from across campus, and reflect on your current knowledge and new understandings by writing about each talk.  

Students will be able to:

  • Consider a topic through multiple perspectives.
  • Examine how your own thoughts and questions are addressed in different academic disciplines.
  • Engage in metacognitive and reflective learning.

How to Pass and Earn One Credit

  • Select two of the Faculty Perspectives tracks and engage with all eight of the talks in that series, for a total of 16 of the 20 total talks required.
  • Select four additional Faculty Perspectives talks from any or all of the remaining tracks.
  • Complete post-talk reflections (one paragraph each) for all 20 of your selected talks by September 18.
  • Complete one summary reflection (1,000–1,500 words) about what you learned from the two tracks that you completed.
  • Register for your fall term courses.
  • Once you have completed the tasks above, we will reach out via email and invite you to register for the free one credit, which would appear on your fall 2020 transcript.


Have any questions about the IntroDUCKtion Colloquium? Send an email to either or to have your questions answered.

Faculty Perspective Tracks

Healthy Communities; Global Connections COVID-19 Our communities have been shaken by the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Engage with world-renowned UO researchers to explore the impact of COVID-19 on local and global communities.
Public Policy, Society, and Identity Anti-Racism If anything is certain in these very uncertain times, it’s that racism exists in our society. How can we acknowledge our past and present power inequalities? How can we come together for positive change? Engage with faculty working to understand and address social inequities and discover the many different paths for taking an active role in shaping the communities in which we live.
Scientific Discovery and Sustainability The Environment and Climate Change Understanding and addressing climate change is crucial to protecting our environment and your futures. Learn how environmental leaders across the UO faculty are working to preserve and protect the environment and start making your own connections to the UO’s 2020–21 Common Reading, “Clade” by James Bradley.
Media, Arts, and Expression Engaged Humanities Artistic and cultural expression allows us to understand our world and imagine other worlds. Engage with writers, artists, performers, and scholars working to understand humanistic endeavors and how these impact the world we live in.
Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Study start-ups and business models to generate bold answers for some of society's hardest questions.