Health and Counseling Services

Housed in the same building, the University Health, Counseling, and Testing Center provide a wide range of services to facilitate students’ academic and personal wellness.

University Health Center

In a new environment with new responsibilities and new people (with new germs) your student is bound to need to visit the health center at some point. Encourage your student to get familiar with the University Health Center, so they know where to go if they start feeling under the weather.

Counseling Services

Mental health is just as critical to a successful college career as physical health. The University Counseling Center (UCC) may be of benefit to your student at some time while they are at the UO. At the UCC your student will be able to receive free counseling. Familiarize yourself with the services this helpful team provides, so you will be ready to refer your student should they need a trusted source to talk to. Around week 5 (start of midterms) and week 10 (start of finals) there are several opportunities offered around campus that will help students relieve stress free of charge (for example, cake parties, therapy dogs, free yoga sessions, and workout classes in the Rec Center.)

Testing Services

The Testing Center staff conducts all writing, math, and language placement testing for the University. They also provide accessible testing for students who need help in and out of the classroom as well as national tests and several licensure and certification tests.