The University of Oregon runs on a quarter system, which means we have four terms:

  • Fall (September–December)
  • Winter (January–March)
  • Spring (April–June)
  • Summer (July–August)

The three terms that comprise the main academic year are each 10 weeks: 9 weeks of classes and 1 additional week for final exams. Summer courses vary in length from 1 to 10 weeks.

Because your student may be used to a semester system in which classes can run three to four months, it may take some getting used to 10-week terms. Midterms normally start around week 5, but precisely when they are given is up to the discretion of each instructor. Finals can be given in week 10 or 11, and are also at the discretion of each instructor. Students need to become very familiar with the academic calendar and the syllabus for each of their classes.