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So classes have begun, and you are officially a student at the University of Oregon. Now what?

Resources and Services. For current and future Ducks.

Navigating a college career can be overwhelming. So we provide an array of academic and social resources and services for future students, current students, and their families. Financial aid questions? Let’s talk. Looking for a mentor program? We’ll point the way. All you have to do is ask.


Get Active

Oregon is the ideal place to get outside, get your heart rate up, and experience the world around you. We #Exploregon. Strap on your hiking boots, or grab your ticket to the game, or hop on your bike. However you stay active, the University of Oregon can help you keep it up.

What the Experts Say

Don't just take our word for it. Your transition matters, and the experts say so. Here's some encouragement to make it through your first term at the UO.

Let us help you get involved.

Involvement coaching is available for all new students as a way to talk with a trained, highly involved, current student, and get personalized suggestions to match your interests with involvement opportunities at the University of Oregon. Connect by email, text, phone, or over coffee, whatever works for you. Our goal is to get you plugged in.

Connect with a Student Involvement Coach

Creative experiences take center stage. Music, dance, and theater. Art and natural history museums. The Cinema Pacific Film Festival and the Oregon Bach Festival. There’s always something to inspire your creativity at the University of Oregon.

Arts & Culture


Ever wonder how you are going to land your dream job? The real truth is you need an advantage. A way to tell an employeer not only that you have a world-class education, but you didn't waste any time in school—you maximized every minute. You showed up, you participated, and you learned something about yourself in the process. The best news is you can track that now—so show up for the interview with a UO Advantage.

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